Bell Litho Internet Solutions

Delegate and control brand compliant communications

We create Internet Solutions that address marketing communications problems.
Our solutions help your company build and distribute more coherent and more relevant communications.

»   is an award winning GLOBAL BRAND TOOL

»   that lets your company  CONTROL YOUR BRAND



»   so that you can  ACHIEVE HIGHER SALES

Marketing Management Fullfillment System

  • We manage fulfillment, version control, and inventory for you.

  • Individual items can be pre-printed, created onsite on demand, or supplied externally. We can stock and kit materials to your needs.

  • A branded online ordering website created to your specifications.

  • Your teams can order any management approved items.

  • Flexible billing ranges from credit card to master account statements

BLIS is a division of Bell Litho, Inc.

Bell Litho Inc. was founded by Herman Bellagamba, trade lithographer, in 1965 Chicago's Printers' Row.

We devote ourselves fiercely to each client's success. By responding to and anticipating client needs, Bell Litho harnesses imagination and technology to build capabilities and decades long relationships. Bell Litho's business reflects growing market sophistication, evolving needs, and advancing technology.

We began as a pre-press shop, and expanded into commercial lithography. In the 1970's Bell Litho added printing with code driven typesetting, Mergenthaler and Compugraphic cold type.

During the 70's to 80's, the company embraced desktop publishing. Bell Litho developed ground-breaking ways to create work-up film for the plate making process. These solutions eliminated prep work years before Computer to Plate Technology (CTP) became commercially available.

In the 1990's, we added fulfillment services (through our DistCom Division), digital printing (through our Glo Document Solutions Division), and flexographic labels (through our SunAmerica Division).

In 2005, Bell Litho developed custom Internet applications that have evolved into services. Bell Litho Internet Solutions (BLIS) offers Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for fulfillment, brand management, marketing automation, and consulting.

Integrity and solid financial management are cornerstones of Bell Litho's longevity and strength. We invest to meet our clients' needs today and for the years ahead.


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